We invite you to the exhibition 03.06.2022 starting at 20:00 H

‘My drawing is rebellious delight, an expression of freedom’

– Dalibor Lovrić

Author about the exhibition

We are all by definition political beings or political animals, only for some politics is a lucrative passion. Some, on the other hand, exercise their anger fashionably, activistically, at colorful demonstrations or performances. Finally, someone exalts their creative zeal on paper and at the table, to a place where one is not easily hurt. I prefer to express myself in the artistic form of cultural malice, because my personal interest is to copy what is already quite perverted by its nature. Reality fills the imagination with all sorts of characters from political reality, all sorts of concessionaires of political nonsense, whose exuberant effectiveness can sometimes be assessed quickly and easily, especially if you have the opportunity to watch burlesque on the ground floor. My choice was and remains to calm my health with cheerful ridicule, writing and drawing, instead of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. The exhibition is about alla prima drawings or first-hand works, without the only previous preparatory study attempt, which frees every artist from hesitation. The works are qualitatively uneven, although they do not need to be refined in a moral and artistic way. Once the context and the completeness of the view evaporate from them, all that remains is a drawing free from siege and the hope that even then, perhaps, they will retain some value and weight.

Author about himself

Born in the year of Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas, on the ottoman of my parents’ apartment at Vladimira Nazora Street no. 2 in Ploče. In front of my primary school, the family and our first Riz TV, with numerous resistors and a cathode ray tube, are moving to Split, where I am also finishing the Art High School, in the class of Jakov Budeša. I studied philosophy and sociology, and then Fine Arts. For two years I taught tourism workers and chefs logic and philosophy, in vain. When it went wrong with brotherhood and unity, I was mobilized into the Croatian Army. Hiding from combat activities, due to fear and flat feet, I received my master’s degree in Philosophy of Language and later my doctorate in Internationalism, but not in Osijek. I was fired three times for unwanted writing and drawing.

I teach Aesthetics at the Faculty of Philosophy, and at the Faculty of Arts only when students arrive on time. From the disease, we have reflux and a little pressure, because I get very nervous. I’ve exhibited a few times a long time ago, so it doesn’t count. I support Hajduk and Željko Kerum, not necessarily in that order. I am married and have two daughters. They are, of course, my whole world.